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SHT-P Thermal Properties Transient Automatic Measuring Instrument

SHT-P Thermal Properties Transient Automatic Measuring Instrument is mainly used for the thermal properties measurement of solid sheet materials, the heat to the plane heat source. Meanwhile, it can be used to measure the thermal diffusion coefficient, thermal conductivity and thermal properties and other heat indexes of the solid sheets in room temperature.

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The Technical Parameters

Temperature range: indoor temperature -100 ℃

Thermal conductivity measuring range: 0.03-1000 [W / (mK)]

Thermal diffusivity measurement range: 0.01-1000[mm2/s]

Thermal conductivity uncertainty of measurement: ≤ ± 1%

Thermal diffusion coefficient uncertainty of measurement: ≤ ± 1.5%

systematic uncertainty: ≤ ± 2.0%

Thermal measurement time: ≤ 300s



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