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SHT-C Stylus Transient Thermal Properties Measuring Instrument

SHT-C stylus transient thermal properties measuring instrument is the latest equipment we promote and it has low requirements to the shape and size of the specimen and environmental requirements of measurement.It can measure the thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, specific heat and other physical properties of heat index of large, loose, granular, powder and fiber materials.

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The Technical Parameters

Temperature range: indoor temperature -100 ℃ (It can be extended to minus 60 ℃ to 400 ℃)

Thermal conductivity measuring range: 0.03-1000 [W / (mK)]

Thermal diffusivity measurement range: 0.01-1000[mm2/s]

Thermal conductivity uncertainty of measurement: ≤ ± 1%

Thermal diffusion coefficient uncertainty of measurement: ≤ ± 1.5%

systematic uncertainty: ≤ ± 2.0%

Thermal measurement time: ≤ 180s

Volume: 255mm × 105mm × 41mm

Weight: 6.5Kg



The Application Areas

SHT-C stylus transient thermal properties measuring instrument can be widely used in geology, energy, metallurgy, construction, thermal engineering, new materials research and manufacturing and other industries as scientific research, material testing, production process control and product quality inspection. And it also can be used for physics experiments for science and engineering students, building physics experiments, material physics experiments as the dominant instruments of thermal properties measuring.

The materials it can measure include bulk material,geomaterials,nuclear waste, loose materials, granular materials, powders, fibers (less than 2mm in diameter is ideal) or no convection slurry.

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