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Transient thermal properties meter is industrialized by a successful research of one famous university. It has been more than 20 years from the initial project research to today's equipment industrialization.

Transient thermal properties measurement technique, as opposed to steady-state measurements, is the upgrade products of thermal properties measuring instruments. It refers to achieve the direct measurement to materials’ physical properties during the process of change in temperature. Transient measurement does not require constant environment and its measurements are rapid and accurate with low efforts, which is the trends and direction of the current measurement to materials thermal properties. It also can measure the medium thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat.

SHT-P Thermal Properties Transient Automatic Measuring Instrument is mainly used for the thermal properties measurement of solid sheet materials, the heat to the plane heat source. Meanwhile, it can be used to measure the thermal diffusion coefficient, thermal conductivity and thermal properties and other heat indexes of the solid sheets in room temperature.

SHT-C stylus transient thermal properties measuring instrument is the latest transient thermal properties measurement equipment we promote and it has low requirements to the shape and size of the specimen and environmental requirements of measurement. In this instrument the hot-needle is as the detection component and it can measure the thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, specific heat and other physical properties of heat index of large, loose, granular, powder, fiber materials,geomaterials and nuclear waste.

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